Distribution Report #20: UTR W25, Slovakia (July 11 – July 17, 2022)

Result: Winner!

Prize Money Earned / Received By Player: 3600.00 USD

Directed for OLI Reserve Refill: 525.00 USD
To be distributed among OLI Holders (fixed part): 1475.00 USD

Rest: 1600.00 USD
OLI Holders (% part): 247.52 USD

OLI Holders (total amount to be distributed): 1722.52 USD
Reserve: 525.00 USD
Team: 1352.48 USD

Purchased for distribution: 14.162 BCH (at average gross rate 121.63 USD per 1 BCH, including CEX fees).

Distribution completed.


The 20th distribution coming: lessons learned

1. We are doing the (positively) HUGE thing

Whether this ever be recognized by wider public & sports community – an Athletic Career Token is a revolutionary concept of pro athletes complex development & management. It can drastically change the landscape of professional sports, making it more fair, open & inclusive. So – yes, we are doing history here.

2. We are making mistakes

From specifically tennis-related things (for instance, inviting high-profiled coaches instead of simply improving the processes worked before) to more general issues. Sometimes that’s purely our fault. Sometimes it is just happened. What we can do about it is – try to be better each & every day.

3. There are players & teams achieving faster, better tennis results

This is true. How to live with that :-)? Our approach is to concentrate solely on our athlete & her performance, make OLI community efforts & experience exchange working and effective… and let all the rest just happen.

4. We will overcome a crypto bear market

What have not killed us, made us stronger. It is clear now that our project & community is surviving this bear market, and our “bullet-proofness” will only rise with the time!

5. Grand Slam is our target

We are still pretty sure that playing Grand Slams main draw is more than realistic. We can’t say whether it is gonna be the 1st or the last (aka final) round. But we will definitely be able to see Oleksandra playing Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

P.S. Am I too confident? Nope. If I would, she’d already been there.