The universal OLICRYPTO gameplay vision is: to provide maximum inclusivity for all players into the processes of the game decision-making, planning, fulfillment, and rewards distribution.

At the same time, there is a thing we, the characters & patriarchs of the game, will always guard and stand for.

This is A FAIR PLAY.

We are doing this because of our strong belief that tennis, like any other competitive sports, must be honest, transparent & doping-free.

All the OLICRYPTO game activity strictly & fully complies with the general tennis rules, code of conduct, integrity, anti-corruption & anti-doping policies.

Please read below some basic principles any player should know & follow at any moment of the game:

  1. The hero & team are fully devoted to show the best tennis and reach the highest possible result – any day, any place.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to suggest or approach any character, main or secondary, with any form of betting or gambling offers. This is the worst violation of the game rules: players will be immediately banned from all game facilities.
  3. While the game characters are as open as possible in sharing all the game-related information, players must understand that the characters can not disclose some information which can be considered as “insider” by tennis authorities.
  4. The whole OLICRYPTO game & web site does not represent Oleksandra Oliynykova as a physical entity. This is NOT her personal web site. This web site is not maintained, edited or supported by her. Any part of this web site should NOT be considered as her expression or opinion.ย  All messages addressed to her through this web site or other game facilities (like Telegram groups) will be first moderated by secondary characters, then possibly forwarded to the main hero. All abusive comments will naturally be deleted – so abusers should not spend their time for it, it is simply useless.
  5. We reserve the right to stop any discussion, action or offer, if by our opinion, it may violate the fair play policy. While we are not obliged to, we will do our best to explain every such decision if it’s made.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding this policy through the Telegram group.