If you read this – you are already playing!

A newbie’s status in the game is A SPECTATOR. As a spectator, you can learn about the characters and the game, follow the gameplay & its development, cheer for our heroes, comment on the website, participate in Telegram groups.

To move from being a spectator to A PLAYER, you need to own some OLI. The OLICRYPTO native tokens, or OLI, allow a player to earn all types of regular rewards, vote, and take part in the project decision-making.Β  The token holders are also eligible for special promotions, game merchandise distributions, etc.

OLI is an SLP token. To receive and hold it, you need to have a crypto wallet that supports SLP tokens. We recommend Zapit or Wallet for Android/iOS, Electron Cash for desktops, but you can use any SLP-enabled wallet you like.

You can buy & sell OLI on

A player may become A CHARACTER (or “hero”). This happens when the player starts to exercise a specially dedicated function inside the gameplay. The heroes are basically players with extended functions.

At last, there are some PATRIARCHS in the game. Patriarchs are the most experienced players with a proven record of positive input into the gameplay & the heroes’ achievements. In some situations, the game requires quick decisions that will affect the gaming well-being of the entire community. If there is no time for making full voting, the patriarchs step in and make a decision on behalf of all players.

The official OLI Token – Rules of the Game (.pdf file)

Start playing by learning the game as a spectator, then become a player. Any questions?Β  Ask here