New year. New start. The same passion for tennis & Bitcoin Cash!

First of all, we would like to send the best vibes to all who celebrate Christmas on December 25. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, we wish you a lot of luck, safety, harmony and inspiration.

This is very symbolic that Sasha’s return to the active tennis career is happening on the New Year eve. This year was so mixed, we had everything here from lucky moments of finding incredible support from $OLI community, meeting absolutely amazing people like our Patriarchs who believe in Sasha & team and make this story possible… to the huge disappointment of getting the longest injury break in Sasha’s career, fighting against pain, spending countless hours in hospitals, physio procedures etc.

In this article we explain in detail what’s happened, what’s now and what you can expect both from tennis (THAT IS ALWAYS THE MAIN!) and non-tennis activities in the nearest future.

What’s happened?

Sasha had strong pain in her lower back for several months. Things got worse at the end of summer, when she withdrew from the semifinal in Belgium (having great chances to win!) and played through pain in the German league matches.

Upon return to Zagreb, we immediately made ultrasound and magnet scans which showed… nothing. Suggesting that there is an “ordinary” micro-injury / overworking, we made normal physio procedures, visited her manual therapist… but again no results.

To prevent further complications, we stopped all practices and started to look for fundamental solutions. First two clinics did not help… till finally we were advised to ask for help in Body Balance, the leading manual therapy private hospital in Zagreb.

And then… positive BOOM! They made a diagnosis and said that 99% they can eliminate all the pain in 3-4 procedures. And that has really happened! The source of pain was a small joint in the abdominal part of Sasha’s body which moved a bit from its normal position and pressed Sasha’s peripheral nerve. So though all things are non-injured, the problem is in their positions to each other!

Doctors from BodyBalance fixed the positioning of all Sasha’s “spare parts” in several visits. She already started to practice… and she feels herself… PERFECT!

What’s NOW?

Sasha already started to practice. Her team has had minor changes now, which you all are probably already guessed of:

Matea Mezak as a Head Coach;
Josipa Novak as a Conditioning Coach;
OliCryptoBCH as a Manager;
Poliklinika Body Balance as a Health Partner.

While being injured, Sasha and her team also completed several important tennis-related tasks:

Croatian tennis club changed. She is now representing Tennis Club Top Spin (Zagreb). While this seems to be a minor change, in fact this is quite important as this club offered Sasha a full package of social benefits (which is quite rare in the tennis world) – like medical insurance, retirement insurance etc. One more “weak point” is eliminated, so she can feel more secure, and concentrate on tennis only.

Volkl agreement renewed. Sasha is a Volkl-supported athlete for several years. We all are extremely satisfied with both Volkl products and their partnership approach, so it was very natural to say YES AGAIN! to this cooperation.

German league invitation pre-approved. Sasha’s German club, TC Herford 1, sent her an invitation to join their team next year. We preliminary accepted their invitation, but the final decision is on OliCrypto players in February-March of next year. This is our league, and the matches will take place in May-June 2022.

New #BitcoinCash-branded on-court wear in production. This year we have more time to prepare Sasha’s on-court outfit. It will be a completely new collection, with Bitcoin Cash represented not only on t-shirts and shorts, but on a (NEW) accessories bag and even a towel!

#BitcoinCash van is on the road – at last! Here it is if you did not see it yet:

Sasha’s in the process of changing her sports citizenship
. We expect her to play under the Ukrainian flag before Summer 2022.

What’s coming?

Sasha will start her season on the week of February 7 with $15k in Spain.

Then, after one week’s pause, she is going to play 2 consecutive weeks in Kazakhstan ($25k, 60k).

Both events are indoors, on a hard surface.

Though Sasha lost around 80 positions in the WTA ranking, she is still well-positioned to play all $15k events and most of $25k, $60k, especially played in a bit remoted places.


Fan store. We are re-starting our pre-works to launch #BitcoinCash merch store on this site.

New partnerships. We have a couple of new partnership offers, which can bring more value for all OliCrypto players. They will be presented to our Patriarchs soon.

Site update. We also are starting some “re-facing” of this website. Its look-and-feel will be updated, and we will add a couple of useful tools too.

Stay tuned – exciting times are coming!