OLI project life & road is as bumpy as a tennis player’ career can be. Good news – we are moving on, and most of unforeseen circumstances – like injuries and team changes – seem to stay behind us.

First of all, I strongly recommend all to read the recent chain of posts in our Telegram channel. I described many current & operational things, from the recent results and what they brought OLI & team in both project & sport sense:

Please scroll down from this message, it is 10 to 15 posts + relevant comments!

In this post, I would like to talk a bit more on blockchain, token & a bit of marketing side of the project.

THE Timing

I am sure that to guarantee a sustainable development of the OLI project – at the best interest of OLI holders – we need to act on token & blockchain issues now. But – why?

Most of OLI holders are interested Oleksandra to reach the Grand Slam & other high profile tournaments to generate higher ROI and also bigger visibility for our partnering brands (Bitcoin Cash is #1 priority). To say even more – reaching Grand Slams IS a sports goal of the project, anything else will be considered as not-a-full-success.

The beginning & middle of 2022 was not that bright for Oleksandra – and many of OLI holders started doubting on the OLI project. Plus – the current bear market made the project model relying on reserves very fragile.ย  As the bear market continues, we still have reserves for 4-5 months of normal performance. But the treasury usage is now frozen, so reserves are intact since summer.

Fortunately, our emergency measures fulfilled in summer-autumn 2022 paid off big: 2 titles + 1 semifinals in singles, 1 in doubles, 14-2 match score, 25 WTA points and return to 636 WTA position – favorable to start the 2023 winter-spring season.

With the last calendar year event coming soon (5-11 December, UTR $25K in Bulgaria), we come to the planning point – where our background stance, including finance & organisation, will affect the possible dynamics of Oleksandra, her tournament schedule etc.

to survive or win big?

Just to make clear: survival is not an issue for the whole project. At the worst case scenario, Oleksandra wll play the leagues and UTR events this spring-summer. After 1 May 2023, if approved by community & Patriarchs, both treasury usage & distributions will be unfrozed. Even if we run out of treasury funds, the summer-autumn 2022 experience proved that the team can function autonomously. To say more, if we know that we drive ourselves, we will plan our budget even more rational & frugal. So, working model of the OLI project is not in question, but in worst case scenario, the expected ROI gonna be small to none, and we hardly can count on reaching Grand Slam zone.

What important is: we still have A LOT OF TOOLS to go on the average or good scenario, and not accept worse case!

We have a lot of tools – still unused. We have a lot of possible developments – still unexplored. To hunt for best scenarios (though consciously accepting bigger risks), and not accept the plain survival.

So we have the following strategies available:

A. Accept risks, go for maximum points advance in spring-summer 2023, trying to reach WTA 350-400 range and attack the Grand Slam zone in summer-autumn 2023 season.


B. Avoid risks, go low profile to play leagues & commercial events, reach self-financing and provide small returns to OLI holders.

We (OLI & team) are for A option. You need to determine your position.

The options

We have several options to pursue the A strategy:

1. Unfreeze the treasury & distributions now.
Immediately available. Secure to fulfill.
Risky. May renew pressure on Oleksandra & team. Leading to the treasury empty in approximately 5 months.

2. Migrate to more popular blockchain, place additional tokens in the process of migration.
Pros: New buyers, money inflow, liquid market, more visibility if we use prominent platform like Binance Fan Token. Possible options are: BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Dogechain.
Contras: Some tech & organisational work required.

3. Expand the crypto sponsors list.
Pros: I believe, it is posiible & realistic to expand the sponsors list. As our game rules at the moment are pretty restrictive on the sponsoship (Bitcoin Cash exclusivity), we may approach BCH universe-friendly projects first: Verse, etc.
Contras: We may be in need to modify the game rules if no participation from BCH-universe projects.
***Nota bene: we don’t need to change rules if attracting a crypto infrastructure project like CEX even if it has its own token.

I kindly ask you to think on following options and provide your ideas and conclusions.

Closing thoughts

We are facing a pretty important moment in the OLICRYPTO history. While survival & existence of the project are not in question, the dynamics, potential growth & returns are. I ask all OLI holders to read and participate in this discussion.