OLI Reserve Post Pre-Sale Allocation – Completed

The correct reserve fund allocation is a crucial element of any Athletic Career Token (ACT) performance, sustainability & success – as we, the concept inventors, see it. For OLI Token – in the real-world circumstances, where we operate very limited resources – it is even more important. The current total volume of OLI Reserve is far from enough to fund the hero`s development from farming & pooling proceeds only, as it is supposed by an ideal ACT model. That’s why we need to be rational, creative, and open-minded at the same time to successfully go through all financial & logistics challenges we meet.

We successfully completed the OLI Reserve post-presale allocation. As informed before, it was worth of 6 BCH committed to forming the reserve. Here is the current allocation structure:

2.24 BCH (or 37% of the total volume) is stored on OLI Reserve Wallet.
0.1 BCH will be spent today for buying “a practice reserve” of tennis balls – no balls, no practice.

The worth of 3.76 BCH (or 63% of the total volume) is staked in BSC liquidity farms and pools:


Auto CAKE: 14.32
Manual CAKE: 5.22
CAKE-BNB LP: 2.826
XVS-BNB LP: 1.184

BUNNY: 0.9627
BUNNY-BNB LP: 0.5111
CAKE: 12.06

We already have harvested some funds earned from farming & pooling, but more for testing purposes. Everything works just fine! What we discovered is that PanCakeBunny profit claiming fees is much higher than PanCakeSwap ones. We will take it into account while forming & updating our reserve management tactics & strategy.

Following yesterday’s discussion in the game tg group, I would like to emphasize one more time. Bitcoin Cash is a base currency of the OliCrypto game, and it is more than a purely economic decision. We are not trading friends after all :-).

But one of the good money features is to be a universal equivalent. If we can buy what we need at any time, and sell at any time, with low fees and fast processing – that’s the money people need.

What we are doing while allocating OLI Reserve is three simple things:

  1. Buying BSC goods with BCH money.
  2. Using BSC goods in our “production”, manufacturing liquidity profits.
  3. Selling BSC goods for BCH money when the time comes & we decide it.

I do not see any controversy here – it’s just what (p2p electronic cash) money created for.

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