OliCrypto, 4 months old: what’s done, what’s next

It is been exactly 4 months since the date our project is officially launched. Let’s overview OliCrypto results till now, look at our successes and not-so-successes, and make some forecasts.

Despite the team’s strong belief that OliCrypto is still in the very early stages of its development – and it might be so much bigger than even the very successful career of a single tennis player – we are happy to share some very definite & “touchable” results made during these exciting 4 months:

8 prize money distributions to $OLI token holders & the project reserve;

“The Green New Deal” set of rules developed and approved: full transparency of project operations, funding secured to pursue long-term goals, the team’s ability to concentrate on the fundamentals of OliCrypto game;

– both general community & Patriarchs “executive board” are doing very well, being effective, supportive & inspiring;

– plus 150 positions in WTA ranking, 1 UTR title won;

– we formed a very efficient & result-oriented coaching & management team in Zagreb, including head tennis coach, conditioning coach, hitting partner, physiotherapist, mental coach & manager.

At the same time we had (and still have) several issues during this period that could be done better.

The biggest disappointment is, without a doubt, the Bitcoin Cash Van. While we tried to do our best to select auto contractors & provide them with the necessary resources, the Van is still in the garage, not on the road. And this hurts. So we will put all our efforts to fix the situation ASAP.

Another “point of pain” is overspending – due to a number of factors, from own management mistakes to a challenging crypto market & rate environment.

We strongly believe that we currently have normalized a spending flow. For instance, for September 2021 the team took from the project reserve less than 20% of the amount dedicated for that – all the rest was covered through Sasha’s successful tournament and financial performance.

What’s next?

…for the following 4 months (till the end of 2021)?

The #1 priority is Sasha’s WTA rank progress. It is still a tricky task as there are no tournaments in China, South Asia & Australia, therefore “the average strength” of tennis tournaments in Europe & the US currently is much higher of normality. At the same time, her recent results (semifinal on 25K Estonia, 15K Belgium etc.) proved that our hero is competitive here & now.

If Sasha enters WTA 300-400 range till the end of the year, we should count it A GREAT SUCCESS. Any rank inside top-500 must be met as a success too.

The second-biggest priority is the Bitcoin Cash Van project completion. Furthermore, if we manage to do this till the end of October, we will probably make a special arrangement (UTR, $15k event etc.), to fulfill the long-waited BCH Van Tour.

We will probably avoid any side projects or non-tennis ventures in the nearest months. At the same time, it is highly likely that Oleksandra will play at least 1-2 commercial events – to provide some benefits for $OLI holders & the team itself.

Be sure – it does not affect our ITF & WTA plans. The global vision is still intact: Grand Slam zone till the end of 2022.

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