OliCrypto is a game.

The first & only of its kind in the world.

The game is fully owned by its players & characters. Why characters? Because they are live humans too.

This game is been played both on the blockchain and in the real world – at the same time.

The primary character of OliCrypto is Oleksandra Oliynykova, a professional tennis player from Croatia. You can find her professional records on the “Athlete Info” page.

The secondary characters are people directly involved in the process of Oleksandra’s athletic life – like coaches & hitting partners. Sometimes they know that they are inside the matrix game, sometimes they don’t (but they are!).

Then the players – people from around the world who co-own the whole gameplay together with primary & secondary characters.

Like in many virtual games, the players` main goal is to develop a “hero”, or a primary character – adding to her skills & power, and therefore reaching tournament results, ranking growth & higher earnings. However, our character needs to prove her performance on the real, not virtual, battlefields tennis courts!

During the whole game, all players and characters share the benefits earned – through prize money distributions, advertising & endorsement deals, and other opportunities.

Through discussions, comments and voting, the players co-manage the primary character’s important career decisions – from the tournament schedule to hiring or firing coaches, accepting or rejecting endorsement contracts, investing reserve funds, etc.

OLI Token is a native token of OliCrypto – so you need them to get your share of benefits earned through the game, vote and influence most of the game decisions. You can buy & sell OLI exclusively at Memo.cash.

OliCrypto is a game with an open-end & unknown game scenario. Will our “hero” win at Wimbledon many times? Or become a tough, hard-working medium-ranked player, patiently waiting for her “5 minutes of glory”? Maybe, she will open her own tennis academy and start “breeding” new characters for the game? Time will tell… but you, the players, will collectively decide.

OliCrypto is the game you NEVER played before (but you always wanted – true?).

Step in for the unique gaming experience – you only saw in the sci-fi movies before.