Distribution Report #2: German League, Matchday 1 (13 June 2021)

Result: Matchday 1 (fixed income)

Gross Prize Money Earned: 792.00 USD (660 EUR, exchange rate EUR/USD 1.2)

Amount To Receive By Player: 792.00 USD

Received By Player: 792.00 USD

Franchise: 500.00 USD

Directed To OLI Reserve: 792.00 * 0.3 = 237.60 USD (read prize money distribution rules here)

To Be Distributed Among OLI Holders: 54.40 USD, or 0.0860 BCH at the time of the transaction (1 BCHΒ  = 632.29 USD)

Own Wallets Excluded: all amount will be distributed among external investors

The funds are ready, as soon as mint.bitcoin.com is online, we will complete the transaction.

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