Sasha is “under construction”

It is less than a month passed since the last match of our player – but it seems that much more time has come away. Whether this pause is good or bad? What’s happening here – with tennis and non-tennis things? What is the future – nearest and not-so-nearest? Our opinion on all of it is further in the post.

It is good to be bored

Well, any injury is bad… but sometimes injuries actually bring some positive side effects. It is an obvious fact: “the tournament race” is a process that actually leaves just a little space for long-term actions and intentions. Even if a player is financially secure (which is the case for Oleksandra – thanks again to all OLICRYPTO players) – the nature of points racing itself urges a player to go play tournaments. Hurry up. Take those points & bucks. Otherwise, others will do that.

In this sense, an injury break – if the injury is not heavy, of course – gives the whole team some time much needed for at least medium-term goals pursuing. We now can do tennis things slowly but surely – not being scared by tournaments coming soon.

What about the ranking?

It is natural that a temporary pause will affect the ranking position. Old points gonna be burn, and new ones won’t be acquired. At the same time, we recently saw that just ONE (!) successful $25k event in Estonia brought us 150+ positions in the WTA ranking. You also remember that Sasha showed a pretty decent level of play there – so with injury properly treated & healed, we can use that level as a jumping mesh, not a concrete ceiling!

Is injury serious?

Basically, it is not injury AT ALL. Sasha had a muscle squeezing because her body is still not strong enough for high-performance overloads. So we do not in need to heal her, but rather need to develop her overall physical condition – by conditioning practices, physiotherapy, proper recovery.


We are also doing plenty of specific tennis things. Lots of time was spent on improving her 1st serve, cleaning & improving the attack shots technique. Basically, if you ask me when Sasha is ready (by her level) to play tournaments again, I answer: NOW. But our goal for now is to make her ready to play 2, 3, if necessary 4 events in a row.


We also have a pretty positive financial situation as there are no tournament expenses & no significant injury-related costs. Also, we have most of the Bitcoin Cash Van costs already financed. We expect to have the second month in a row with a proficite – so the project reserves at the end of October will be bigger than in the beginning.

Wen play again?

We expect Sasha to be able to play competitive matches again somewhen at the beginning of November. Her head coach, Matea, and to some extent our physio Mislav be those who have the final votes.

Will keep you informed.

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