What is OLI Reserve & How It Works

OLI Reserve is a pool formed by the hero & her team according to the standards (percentages) accepted by the majority of playersโ€™ votes. This pool serves as a depository for funds aimed to pay present & future costs of practices, travels, equipment purchases, etc. Reserved funds can be staked, pooled, or farmed outside, with proceeds compounded or distributed between the players.

Why is OLI Reserve formed?

Because the hero development & travel costs should be covered. As it is relatively easy to forecast most of these costs, temporarily unused assets serve as an additional source of proceeds for the game & players.

How is OLI Reserve formed?

There are two typical sources of funds for OLI Reserve: tournaments prize money & compounding. After every tournament, a part of the proceeds goes to OLI Reserve. Click here to know more about the prize money distribution structure.

Temporarily available funds can be staked, yielded or farmed with proceeds compounded to the pool.

How OLI holders can benefit from the reserve?

The excessive funds are periodically distributed among the token holders – by decision of players (through voting) or patriarchs (if voting is unavailable).

OLI Reserve Wallets

Bitcoin Cash (BCH):


Ether & BSC Tokens:

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